Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Got around to sorting out some more pictures from the recent vintage vehicle rally. Plenty more still to come.

Lotus Elise

Couple of US military Jeeps

1962 Ford Thunderbird, in need of a wash and polish
Fiat coupe

MG TD Midget

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bothwell Castle

A return trip to this year's battler re-enactment at Bothwell Castle today.

Yet again the participants put on a great show to a very appreciative audience.

A Scottish knight

An archer deep in thought

2 archers in happy mood

Children v soldiers - guess who won

Lady archer

One to one combat

Sword fighting

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Glasgow vintage bus day

Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust ran a free bus service from George Square to Queens Park today as part of the Southside Open Day.

1967 Albion single decker waiting at City Chambers

1985 Leyland DAB Lion double decker

1968 Albion single seater

Ex Highland Omnibuses single decker

1959 Leyland Titan

Western SMT buses were a regular sight at one time in the west of Scotland

An earlier 1954 Leyland Titan

L684 was a Central SMT bus

Friday, 25 May 2012

Stavros S Niarchos departing Greenock

After a few days spent in Greenock and a new crew on board, it came time for her to head to her next destination.

New crew on the yardarms

Learning the ropes

Sails neatly tied up and time to come back down

2 crew relaxing on the bowsprit

Bosun checking the fenders

Time to take in the gangplank

Good to go at the stern

All ok at the bow

On our way to Swansea

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Strathaven Classic Vehicle Rally

A great day out today. Well done today to Strathaven round table for gathering so many classic cars. The sun even made a welcome appearance although it did cause a lot of reflection on the chrome and paintwork.

I think I will have to spit my posts into several sections because of the amount of vehicles on display. The first gallery shows some of the many Triumphs that came along.

Triumph Stag

Triumph Stag

Stag interior

Yellow Stag

Triumph TR3

Triumph TR5

Triumph TR5 wood dashboard

Triumph TR6

Red Spitfire

Green Spitfire

Black Spitfire

Orange Spitfire

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Stavros S Niarchos

It's been almost a year since the Tall Ships race came to Greenock so it was great to see Stavros S Niarchos stopping off at Customhouse Quay on her current tour.She will be open to the public on Monday.

Caribbean Princess

I missed her first visit to Greenock last week, but managed down for return this morning. The light wasn't ideal but I've added a few pictures of her arrival just before 7am.

A few more pics of her departing this evening