Friday, 26 April 2013

Absalon class support ships

Returning to the Clyde for a visit at the end of Operation Joint Warrior are the two Absalon-class support ships of  the Royal Danish Navy.

First to arrive was Esbern Snare (L17) on what seemed to be a pleasant dry morning.

L17 Esbern Snare
MOD police launch Gigha visiting the local harbours
L17 Esbern Snare
L17 Esbern Snare
Some crew members relaxing
L17 Esbern Snare heading to Glasgow
Admiralty pilot launch Clyde Spirit heading for her Faslane base
Less than an hour later, HDMS Absalon arrived, at the same time as an unwanted shower of hailstones which threatened to thwart any opportunities for taking photographs. I did however manage to get a few pictures whle trying to keep the front of my lens dry.

L16 HDMS Absalon sitting under a heavy cloud of hailstones
Very poor visibility as L16 Absalon approaches Greenock
Absalon sailing into slightly brighter conditions

Friday, 19 April 2013

HNLMS Luymes

HNLMS Luymes paid a visit to Glasgow while taking part in the current Joint Warrior exercise.

She is a hydrographic survey vessel in the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Here she is on her way back down river on a rare sunny evening.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Joint Warrior - Sunday

After arriving to a wet miserable Scotland, the sun broke through for them sailing out for the start of the exercise.

A bit of sunshine also helped improve the picture quality - I hope you agree.

KNM Steil and KNM Gnist approaching Greenock
Stiel & Gnist
KNM Steil, P963
KNM Gnist, P965
Steil & Gnist depart in close convoy
FGS Rhoen with Svitzer Milford following behind
FGS Rhoen, A1443, German replenishment oiler
FGS Rhoen
FGS Rhoen
F359 HDMS Vaedderen, Danish ocean patrol vessel
F359 HDMS Vaedderen
F359 HDMS Vaedderen

Friday, 12 April 2013

Joint Warrior - Friday arrivals, part 2

Some more arrivals for Joint warrior, firstly the Glasgow bound ships, photographed from Greenock, and then around to Glen Mallan and Faslane in the afternoon.

Swedish corvette, HMS Sundsvall
ORP Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki, with local tug Battler following
HNLMS Urk, one of three Tripartite class minehunters arriving today
FGS Weilheim
Belgian Tripartite class, BNS Bellis
HNoMS Hinnoey following behind Bellis
ORP Czajka taking up the rear as the convoy heads to Glasgow

HDMS Absalon passing Faslane naval base
FGS Emden, F210 at Rhu
FGS Emden beside sister ship F207, FGS Bremen
Bremen and Emden alongside jetty at Garelochhead
Bremen and Emden with Absalon behind
German replenishment oiler, Frankfurt am Main at Glen Mallan