Friday, 12 April 2013

Joint Warrior - Friday arrivals, part 2

Some more arrivals for Joint warrior, firstly the Glasgow bound ships, photographed from Greenock, and then around to Glen Mallan and Faslane in the afternoon.

Swedish corvette, HMS Sundsvall
ORP Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki, with local tug Battler following
HNLMS Urk, one of three Tripartite class minehunters arriving today
FGS Weilheim
Belgian Tripartite class, BNS Bellis
HNoMS Hinnoey following behind Bellis
ORP Czajka taking up the rear as the convoy heads to Glasgow

HDMS Absalon passing Faslane naval base
FGS Emden, F210 at Rhu
FGS Emden beside sister ship F207, FGS Bremen
Bremen and Emden alongside jetty at Garelochhead
Bremen and Emden with Absalon behind
German replenishment oiler, Frankfurt am Main at Glen Mallan

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