Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Hydro

Glasgow's newest live music venue "The Hydro" recently opened.

This futuristic looking building is situated at Finnieston, beside the SECC and Armadillo.

The bright lights of these modern buildings contrasts with the massive Finnieston Crane, a remnant of Glasgow's industrial past.

HMS Defender

HMS Defender spent a weekend in Glasgow, the city of her birth.

Having seen several Type 45 destroyers undergoing sea trials on the Clyde, taking the opportunity for a closer look was not to be missed.

After going through a security bag check and standing in a queue for over half an hour we finally managed to get on board, only to find half of Glasgow snaking round the stern deck, through the hangar, in through the operations room and up towards the bow of the ship before turning around and heading back to the stern.

The Royal Navy personnel made everyone feel welcome and took time to chat with their visitors.

The large helicopter deck makes an ideal playground for restless kids
A plaque remembers naval campaigns which involved Defender's fore-runners
Uniformed personnel chat with the public
Sophisticaed electronic equipment, and a small gun
A big gun
The human conga makes its way back towards the stern of the ship
One of 2 Phalanx guns which can fire 4500 rounds per minute
A display of fire-fighting equipment
Returning to the stern via the hangar

Monday, 4 November 2013

Dumbarton fireworks display

The weekend around Gay Fawkes night is always marked with fireworks displays around the country.

As usual I went to Greenock's display at the Battery Park, but because of the heavy rain that day, I didn't take any photographs.

Instead, I decided to wait till Monday night to catch a great display at Levengrove Park in Dumbarton. I stayed on my own side of the river and photographed them from beside the river hoping to catch some colourful reflections.