Saturday, 24 March 2012


Almost got shot and stampeded by an army of Covenanters today. Went along to see a re-enactment of the 1640 seige of Dumbarton Castle. Not quite a full army there, but definitely enough musketeers to create a frightening racket.

The visitors enjoyed the entertainment and I'm sure they also learned a few facts from Scottish history.

Musketeers marching to the battleground

On parade

Pikeman showing a typical stance

Clouds of smoke from the gunpowder surround the soldiers

A lone Mosketeer firing from the gun battery

A large flame leaping from the barrel of a musket

Musketeers firing straigh towards us

Friday, 23 March 2012

El Mountjid

Algerian tug, El Mountjid, came to Faslane in January. Her visit was extended when she had to spend some time in Glasgow for emergency repairs.

Berthed at Faslane shortly after arriving on the Clyde

Returning to Faslane after her repairs

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cargo ships on the River Clyde

A wide variety of cargo ships have come and went on the Clyde over the past six months while I was without pc access to post them to my blog. Here is a quick catch-up of some of them.

Arklow Rally and Med Baltic seen passing East India harbour on 29th September. The Arklow ships are regular visitors.

Mid December and MV Boisterous was lying in James Watt Dock Soon after she was moved to the Great Harbour where she received a paint job for her new owners.

January and Fure Star sailed down from Glasgow. Here she is passing Garvel Point. Ostbense and Cemvale are both heading upriver.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trip to Millport

What a cracker of a day, the weather almost felt like summer. Down we went to Largs and caught the ferry over to Great Cumbrae and then straight onto to local bus to take us into Millport.

Millport harbour

One of the local cycle hire shops

Garrison House and gardens

Blue boat

The famous Crocodile Rock

Well, the caption above the door says it

High and dry in the harbour

Horse and rider out for some exercise
Gentle waves rolling onto Millport beach
A lovely day for a sail

We had a great day out with fish suppers and ice cream. Did I tell you about the birds? You should have seen the legs on some of them!

Gull watching us eating
Mr and Mrs Mallard paddling along
Curlew standing by the water's edge
Heron patiently waiting

Friday, 16 March 2012

Joint Warrior 2011

A little late I know, but just got round to sorting out some pictures from last Autumn's Joint Warrior exercise.

A few pictures of HMS Bulwark being escorted through Rhu narrows to Faslane. The second sequence is of some visiting warships passing Greenock after spending a few days in Glasgow.

Estonian ship ENS Tasuja

Ueberrhern from Germany closely followed by Polish ORP Flaming

FGS Ueberrhern passing Greenock

ORP Flaming

A strange looking twin-hulled ship from Norway, HNOMS Maloy

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rothesay, part 2

Some more picture from my trip this week to Rothesay.
Looking out from Glenburn Hotel gardens

Winter gardens

Esplanade Hotel

I felt like a tourist although I was only a few miles from home. Definitely will be going back for a second visit.

Rothesay Castle and moat

MV Bute passing Toward Point lighthouse

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My first trip to Rothesay

It's been a long time since my last post. Between not having access to my PC and with no broadband, I've almost felt totally detatched from the outside world.

Today  I took my first ever trip to Rothesay. The weather was pleasant for the middle of March but I would have preferred just a little less cloud. Here goes with my first pictures to be posted this year.

We caught the 11 o'clock sailing from Wemyss Bay, a lovely smooth journey but a bit cold and windy out on the deck.

Pipe laying ship Solitaire is working off the east coast of Bute.

Toward Point lighthouse sits at the south end of the Cowal peninsula.

My first sight of Rothesay. 

Argyle heading back over to Wemyss Bay. Time to have a look around before catching a later ferry back over to the mainland.