Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My first trip to Rothesay

It's been a long time since my last post. Between not having access to my PC and with no broadband, I've almost felt totally detatched from the outside world.

Today  I took my first ever trip to Rothesay. The weather was pleasant for the middle of March but I would have preferred just a little less cloud. Here goes with my first pictures to be posted this year.

We caught the 11 o'clock sailing from Wemyss Bay, a lovely smooth journey but a bit cold and windy out on the deck.

Pipe laying ship Solitaire is working off the east coast of Bute.

Toward Point lighthouse sits at the south end of the Cowal peninsula.

My first sight of Rothesay. 

Argyle heading back over to Wemyss Bay. Time to have a look around before catching a later ferry back over to the mainland.


  1. Great shots. Looks like a good trip.


  2. Nice set Eddie, Solitaire has moved and now off Largs.

    Fancy a trip to Millport :)