Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trip to Millport

What a cracker of a day, the weather almost felt like summer. Down we went to Largs and caught the ferry over to Great Cumbrae and then straight onto to local bus to take us into Millport.

Millport harbour

One of the local cycle hire shops

Garrison House and gardens

Blue boat

The famous Crocodile Rock

Well, the caption above the door says it

High and dry in the harbour

Horse and rider out for some exercise
Gentle waves rolling onto Millport beach
A lovely day for a sail

We had a great day out with fish suppers and ice cream. Did I tell you about the birds? You should have seen the legs on some of them!

Gull watching us eating
Mr and Mrs Mallard paddling along
Curlew standing by the water's edge
Heron patiently waiting

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