Saturday, 11 June 2016

P1 Powerboat racing

The Scottish Grand Prix of the Sea has arrived at Greenock.

A crowd of over 20 thousand spectators lined the Esplanade to watch the spectacle as powerboats and jetskis provided the day's entertainment and enjoy the warm sunshine. Many more watched from small craft anchored in the river.

Having other places to go, I only stayed for one P1 race but enjoyed the competition.

I hope this event becomes a part of the regular Powerboat calendar.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Disney Magic

All the Disney magic couldn't make Greenock warm and sunny for the cruise liner's first visit to the Clyde.

The Esplanade however, was packed to a capacity usually reserved for the Cunarders when she was due to depart.

As she left around 6pm there was a row of people along the full length of the Esplanade, with many children among them, waiting for the expected musical departure.

Slowly backing away from the berth she played the familiar opening notes of the Disney anthem "When You Wish Upon A Star" as she backs up to No 1 buoy to start canting.

The cold and dampness were forgotten for a short time as Disney Magic sailed away from the Clyde to a second and third blast of her musical horns.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Prestwick Airport

Seeing three monster transport aircraft at Prestwick in one day has to be good. To be outside on a beautiful warm day makes it even better.

We had heard a whisper that we could see a couple of large visitors, so we set off down the coast with great expectations.

On arriving at the mound, a common viewing location, we saw a Russian operated Antonov AH-124-100 sitting on the apron.

Unsure of any departure times, we had to wait and watch for any activity.

Eventually the crew made their way to the cargo plane and headed towards the end of the runway.

Before she departed we noticed a Boeing C-17 Globemaster approaching the runway and landed, taking  the full length of the runway to slow down.

Once it had cleared the runway the Antonov built up speed before lifting its huge body into the sky.

A long wait was rewarded later in the afternoon when a second Globemaster arrived. By this time the wind had changed direction and the aircraft arrived from the opposite direction and went to park near the first Boeing.

Duly sunburnt, I headed home with my first pictures of either of these giants of aviation.