Saturday, 29 September 2012

Joint Warrior arrivals

With the start of the Joint Warrior approaching, the visiting warrships have started arriving.

Most of them are heading for Faslane but a few are also berthing at KGV dock in Glasgow.

Weather has been pretty awful at times but the rain eased enough to catch most of the ships arriving.

Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen passing Greenock

HNLMS Evertsen

HNLMS Evertsen on her way to Glasgow

HNLMS De Ruyter being followed by local Svitzer tug Anglegarth

HNLMS De Ruyter

HNLMS De Ruyter and Anglegarth

German Kulmbach class minehunter M1096 Passau approaching Rhu narrows

German minehunter Passau

Passau and her escort heading towards Faslane

British Duke class frigate HMS Kent

HMS Kent (F78)

HMS Kent finds a break in the clouds passing Rhu

M921 Lobelia and M924 Primula, Belgian Tripartite class minehunters

Belgiam minehunter Lobelia

M924 Primula

Belgian minehunter Primula

HDMS Hvidbjørnen, an ocean survey vessel of the Royal Danish Navy

HDMS Hvidbjørnen, older Danish for Polar Bear

HDMS Hvidbjørnen (F360), final ship of the day to head for Faslane

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Operation Joint Warrior

The ships are gathering again. The event is the twice annually NATO Joint Warrior exercise off the west coast of Scotland.

This morning the French frigate Latouche Tréville sailed upriver to King George V dock in Glasgow, one of the gathering points for the visiting ships.

More ships are expected to arrive tomorrow and hopefully the weather will look kindly on us.

Latouche Tréville

Latouche Tréville

Latouche Tréville

Latouche Tréville

Latouche Tréville

AMT Trader

The barge AMT Trader came up the river this morning towed by Italian tug Carlo Magno.

She was handed over to the local tugs off the Esplanade before being take to Fergusons' in Port Glasgow.

There she will prepare for transporting a section of aircraft carrier from Glasgow to Rosyth for assembly.

Carlo Magno towing AMT Trader

Itaian tug Carlo Magno

Anglegarth takes overthe towing chains

AMT Trader off Greenock

Clyde Marine tug Battler retuning to her base

Anglegarth towing AMT Trader

Anglegarth and AMT Trader

Passing Port Glasgow lighthouse

AMT Trader being pushed towards the quay at Fergusons'

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Norwegian Sun

This morning Greenock welcomed her last big cruise liner of the year. Norwegian Sun arrived to a beautiful morning with the sun trying hard to break through the clouds.

I'm sure the passengers are relieved that they've missed the stormy weather we've had over the past couple of days.

Norwegian Sun arriving off the Esplanade

Norwegian Sun's colourful bow

Norwegian Sun canting beside No 1 buoy

The sun making an appearance as Norwegian Sun berths

Saturday, 22 September 2012

River Clyde this afternoon

Not much was moving on the river late afternoon but I did manage to catch SD Raasay. Not sure if I've seen her before at Greenock but good to catch her in the old Serco colours.

Clyde Clipper also made a rare trip out onto the river with a good size party on board her.

A yacht also passed by on her way to James Watt Dock marina. It's good to see that the dock is flourishing in it's new role.

SD Raasay passing East India Harbour

SD Raasay

SD Raasay inbound for Great Harbour

Clyde Clipper coming out of Victoria Harbour

Clyde Clipper

Clyde Clipper on a cruise down river

Yacht heading for James Watt Dock marina

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The Royal Navy's newest submarine, Ambush, arrived at Faslane today.

She is the second of seven Astute class subs and is due to go into service next year.

My first sight of Ambush as she enters Gareloch

Crews lines on the decks as Ambush passes Rosenearh

A big wave from the man in yellow as the officers get a closer look at the onlookers

Ambush being escorted by SD Jupiter