Sunday, 14 April 2013

Joint Warrior - Sunday

After arriving to a wet miserable Scotland, the sun broke through for them sailing out for the start of the exercise.

A bit of sunshine also helped improve the picture quality - I hope you agree.

KNM Steil and KNM Gnist approaching Greenock
Stiel & Gnist
KNM Steil, P963
KNM Gnist, P965
Steil & Gnist depart in close convoy
FGS Rhoen with Svitzer Milford following behind
FGS Rhoen, A1443, German replenishment oiler
FGS Rhoen
FGS Rhoen
F359 HDMS Vaedderen, Danish ocean patrol vessel
F359 HDMS Vaedderen
F359 HDMS Vaedderen

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