Sunday, 22 July 2012

A trip on the Waverley, part 2

The Firth of Clyde has some wondeful scenery, not that I am in any way biased.

The rocky coastlines are littered with lighthouses, most of them no longer functioning, but still standing as a reminder of the dangers in the seas around them.

Here are some more pictures from my day out on the Waverley last week.

The 200 year old Little Cumbrae lighthouse has not been in use since 1997

Sailing away from Arran

The uninhabited island of Pladda off the south of Arran

Another lighthouse, this time on the south of Holy Isle in Lamlash Bay

Calmac ferry, Caledonian Isles, passing Goat Fell on the Island of Arran

Modern wind turbines overlooking Hunterston terminal and nuclear power stations

Largs beach with Nardini's ice cream parlour behind

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