Sunday, 5 August 2012

Edinburgh Zoo

I had a great day out at Edinburgh Zoo yesterday with my daughter Caitlin.

We spent around six hours walking around and feel as if we covered a marathon. 

The only disappointment was when we heard that there were no places available on the panda visits. Never the less, it was a great day out.

Sofus the Patagonian Sea Lion enjoying the sun's rays

A chimp contemplating the meaning of life

Bali starlings

A gang of squirrel monkeys hiding in ambush

Their possible victim enjoying an apple

A pair of Grevy's zebras

"Does my bum look big in this?", asks a Gelada baboon

A shy wave of the foot by one of the resident koalas

Watching me watching you

Did I say that we managed to successfully join the standby queue and got in to see the pandas?

Entrance to the giant panda enclosure

Yang Guang enjoying some tasty bamboo

The bare floor is comfortable enough for Tian Tian to fall asleep on

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