Friday, 3 May 2013

Glen Mallan & Faslane

Well, an early start for a trip to Glen Mallan and Faslane this morning.

First ship to appear was HMS Diamond who paid a visit to the armaments jetty. The weather did us no favours, varying from rain to mist and drizzle.

After leaving Diamond as she approached the jetty, we made a quick trip down to Kilcreggan where we were just on time to catch RFA Diligence leave the Gareloch after a short visit to Faslane sub base.

By the time HMS Montrose arrived in the loch, the mist had descended enough to obscure most of the background.

HMS Diamond escorted by a pair of Serco tugs
HMS Diamond
Berthing is a shared responsibility
A132 RFA Diligence
Diligence heading for Loch Striven
HMS Montrose comes out of the mist
Montrose passing Rhu spit
Montrose making her way to Faslane

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