Saturday, 8 June 2013

Loch Thom & Gryffe

We complain often enough about the weather when it is cold or wet, but it was neither of these when I took a wander aroung the Gryffe reservoir and Loch Thom area.

Having waited till late afternoon, the sunlight was less intense and ideal for walking in.

One of many streams arounf Gryffe reservoir
Gryffe reservoir
Heron patiently waiting the arrival of lunch
Loch Thom compensation reservoir


  1. Hey there! I'm not sure if you know or not but the photos you have taken of the Gryffe reservoir, behind where you stood to take the photo there was a forest. It has now been cut down, a truly terrible sight. If they continue like this there will be no more trees in the area.

    1. They are spoiling the whole beauty of the area. I hope they replace the trees but it will be years before before it is restored. A real shame.