Sunday, 24 August 2014

Strathaven Balloon Festival

I think this may be my first time seeing a hot air balloon. It's definitely the first time I have seen so many at the one time.

On the Saturday evening we were treated to an Evening Glow where the balloons assembled on the ground after dusk and lit their burners in time to the music being played through the P.A. system.

A large crowd had gathered to witness this colourful spectacle and enjoyed the display.

The balloons also made some flights over the course of the weekend. The weather was perfect on the Sunday evening when I made a return visit to Strathaven. From a vantage point overlooking the town the assembled crowd were able to see the balloons rising and drift lazily over the town.

I'm sure I will be visiting this wonderful festival again in the near future.

Evening Glow
Evening Glow
Evening Glow

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