Saturday, 14 November 2015

Late Night Photographs

As a mark of respect for the victims of the attacks in Paris, buildings throughout Britain have been lit up in the colours of the French national flag.

Unsure of how long this would last, we took a near midnight trip, firstly to Clydebank and then to Glasgow.

The rain tried its hardest to spoil our photographs but our spirits were not dampened by the weather.

Clydebank's titan crane
SSE Hydro
After returning to Greenock we waited at the waterfront for the demolition of Hawick Court, the last of seven high flats in Greenock.

This was expected to take place around 2am, however we spent a further 2 hours eagerly waiting the warning siren to tell us that the blowdown was imminent.

All this time mother nature continued to pour down on us making our wait a rather unpleasant affair.

To avoid getting the camera gear soaked we sat in the car and shot hand held, resting the camera on the open window of the car.

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