Monday, 4 January 2016

Glasgow at Night

Once in a while I take a trip to the big city to see the bright lights.

Last week we went up hoping to see some of the Christmas lights around George Square before they came down.

We stopped around the Squinty Bridge and took some pictures of the bridges in that part of the city and of the  buildings alongside.

We then went to George Square but were disappointed that the attractions were away and high fences put up around the square. I did however get some pictures which I will add on a separate blog.

We then moved down to the Gallery of Modern Art which always looks good at night, helped by the ground being damp from the light showers causing added reflections.

Glasgow's Squinty Bridge
Bells Bridge leading to the Armadillo and Hydro
BBC television studio with Bells Bridge in front
The view up-river from Bells Bridge
Duke of Wellington protecting the GOMA
Gallery of Modern Art
Gallery of Modern Art
Key Scottish dates
Under a canopy of lights

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