Monday, 27 June 2011

Farewell Jupiter

With Calmac's car ferry service from Gourock to Dunoon being axed at the end of the month, I felt a little sadness at seeing Jupiter being towed away to be broken for scrap.

Luna A towing Jupiter, destination - a foreign scrapyard
Along with her sister ship, Juno, she was a regular sight on the Clyde from the mid seventies untill 2007 when she was retired from service.

Cars will now use the existing Western Ferries service from McInroy's Point to Hunter's Quay, while pedestrians will  continue to have a town to town passenger only service. This will be provided by Ali Cat, which is already a regular sight on the Clyde along with a larger ferry which is being brought in.

Ali Cat
One thing is for certain, the Clyde will look a little bit emptier without the well-loved black and white ferries proudly carrying their red lions on their funnels.


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