Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Royal Scotsman

Rail travel doesn't get any better than a trip on The Royal Scotsman. With prices of around a thousand pounds a night, she is one of the orient express group of trains, taking those with enough money on 2 to 7 night tours around Scotland.

The Royal Scotsman approaching Wemyss Bay station

The name plate has been removed from the front of the engine, presumably to be moved to the loco at the other end for the next leg of her journey
This afternoon she arrived at Wemyss Bay station on day 3 of a 5 day Grand West Highland Journey. Passengers disembarked to take a short ferry ride to Bute for a day spent at Mount Stuart.
One of the 4 state cars

The observation car
Inside of the observation car
another inside view

I could only dream of even stepping onto the train but I caught her arriving at Wemyss Bay and had a look around after those with money had left for the ferry.

Open verandah on the observation car

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