Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Viking Invasion of Rothesay, 2013 style

As part of Rothesay Castle re-enactment day, we were treated to a role play of the Vikings invading Rothesay.

The landing was slightly scaled down and I'm afraid it might not be completely historically accurate.

Never the less, this was how the story unfolded on a sunny September afternoon on Rothesay beach.

A lone Viking longship approaches the town of Rothesay on the island of Bute. Either he has raced ahead of the rest of the fleet or he thinks one ship load of warriors is enough to beat the Scots.

A solitary Viking jumps out of the boat onto the beach and challenges the awaiting army to a battle. I reckon he has been watching too many episodes of Rab C Nesbit and thinks he can take on the world single handed.

This is going to be a dawdle he says to himself when he notices that Scots army are all under the age of ten. He squares up ready to wipe out the foe.

The might Scots soon have him seriously wounded. His colleagues back on the longboat obviously don't realise the seriousness of his situation.

The foolhardy Viking makes it back to the boat and tells his fiends to make a hasty retreat back to their own country.

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