Friday, 4 October 2013

Joint Warrior arrivals

The cruise ships are over and we are now on to the grey boats.

This weekend sees the start of Operation Joint Warrior, a twice yearly exercise off the west coast of Scotland.

This autumn's exercise seems to be a lot smaller scale than previous ones.

Today we had 2  arrivals to Faslane naval base with 1 vessel departing.

HMS Northumberland headed for King George V dock in Glasgow instead, so we had a quick dash to Braehead to catch her as she was escorted upriver by tugs Battler & Bruiser.

KNM Utvaer escorted by a MOD police launch
S303 - KNM Utvaer
KNM Utvaer's crew on top of her coning tower
KNM Utvaer heading for Faslane base
KNM Utvaer and HMS Severn, passing each other in Gareloch
P282 - HMS Severn departing Gareloch through Rhu narrows
HMS Severn
HMS Severn passing Roseneath
French frigate, La Motte-Picquet
Crew lined up on the deck of La Motte-Picquet
The mist lifting for La Motte-Picquet
HMS Northumberland heading for Glasgow
Battler and Bruiser escorting HMS Northumberland
HMS Northumberland passing BAE's Scotstoun yard
Bruiser prepares to take a line from the warship HMS Northumberland
HMS Northumberland approaching King George V dock in Glasgow

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