Saturday, 25 July 2015

East Fortune Airshow 2015

Having been washed out of East Fortune the last time I visited, I had been hoping for better weather for a return trip to their annual airshow.

As can bee seen from my pictures, the weather started off sunny and grew cloudier as the day progressed with the rain coming on around 4pm. Fortunately this was a light enough shower which didn't cause many problems.

We had a wide range of aircraft displaying, from biplanes to the RAF's current Typhoon fighter jet.

More pictures will be added to my Picasa gallery as I edit them.

RAF Grob Tutor
Bucker Jungmann in Spanish Air Force colours
RAF Red Arrows
Spitfire configuration
Fairey Swordfish
Trig aerobatic team
Trig aerobatic team
Trig pilot waves to the crowd
Lockheed Orion with bomb bay opened
Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spifire, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
RAF Hawk T2 trainer jets in formation
Bristol Blenheim
Royal Navy Sea King from HMS Gannet search and rescue
Sea King displaying a rescue manoeuvre
Supermarine Seafire and Curtis Kittyhawk
"Huey" helicopter, widely used by the US military in Vietnam
Eurofighter Typhoon, not usually seen on camouflage markings

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